Participate In Local Charity Walks

Participate In Local Charity Walks

Can you believe that “thons” has only been around since the 1970s? The March of Dimes put together its first event in 1970. Since then, that successful event has been replicated by just about everyone. Now known as March for elders, that event is still going strong too.

Walk/Run/athons are both competitive and non-competitive races sponsored by many charities to raise funds and as a way to involve many more people than they might otherwise in their causes.

Participants usually pay a registration fee and collect pledges. In return, they get to enjoy a great walk/run that is organized for them, snacks, drinks, T-shirts and other mementos.

Walks and runs can be enjoyable family activities or arrange for a bunch of friends to go along with you. Energetic participants can raise thousands of dollars for their favorite charities with the online tools most large runs/walks provide.

If you want to do more, charity walks and runs need lots of volunteers on the day of the run or walk. You might stuff information packets, take registrations, help set up the route, or distribute drinks during the event.

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