Elders Mela

Elders Mela

The Elders Mela organized on the occasion of ‘World Elders Abuse Awerness Dat’ (16 June), is our endeavor to provide a platform for the elders and stakeholders interested in their welfare to come together and raise the quality of life of the elderly.

The Mela will enable senior citizens, their families, friends and caretakers to interact and learn about various opportunities, services and products available for senior citizens to lead their life in a healthy, happy, fulfilling and purposeful manner.

elders mela

The Mela will create awareness regarding various schemes / benefits / legal assistance available for them from the government / NGO / private sector.

The Mela will organize various seminars / discussions / debates / counseling sessions related to elders’ welfare. It will also have fun-and-entertainment events like films, competitions, games and cultural programs for the elderly. It will exhibit various items of interest to the elderly, such as medical / healthcare products, customized equipment / aids / tools and various types of reference / reading materials.

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