Elderism – The new concept for Elders

It is a normal thought that the Elders are considered to be above 60 years age. But in some countries, above 40 years age are treated as elders.  However 50 plus age of people are can consider as elders. By Elder many dictionary meanings cite that elder is an experienced, expertise, visionary, guide, mentor, leader, philosopher, judge, governor, who can be ruler etc. For the sake of Empowerment and to maintain of the dignity of the elders, people over 50 plus aged would come to one platform, maintain the unity it’s called the Elderism. And who ever associate with Elderism is called the Elderist. So Elderism is the Elders movement.

In the event of health awareness, good medical facility, 3D Technology which can replace the human organs, the elder’s mortality rate among elders has come down and in future they are going to live for more years. So it is the responsibility of the society also takes inclusive help from the elders and their guidance has become more importance.

The reasons for being less population of the youth attributes to late marriages, financial implication of child nurturing that includes education, settlement in life, and getting the right job , under employment, human relations at its worse as there is no love and affection. The sensitiveness to look after the elders is missing in the younger generation. The modern technology getting used to robots making the manpower replacement is also a cause for slow development of youth. And for many reasons the population youth is going to come down and the elder’s population would increase.

It is alarming and the matter to ponder over that the world population as per today of elders of over and above 50 years of age  is going to be one third and by 2050 the population across the world is going be around 60 percent more above 50 years. This clearly indicates that the future would belong to elders to guide, lead and advice. Even in voting pattern, the elders with 1/3rd population, their voting percentage amounts to 96 percent where as the remaining 50 years below of the population of various age are registering their voting rights to just 33 percent. So the elders make a call for forming any government.

On the other hand youth are neglecting the elders, not respecting them and thus elders have more responsibility to tame them. Some of the Youth who are inexperienced, diverted to unwanted activities, even involving in drug abuse, social evil, the elders have the greater role to bring the youth to the main stream.Even the government wants to change the youth and that can be possible only through dedicated elders.

It is a known fact most of the people below 50 years are not coming forward to participate in social movements for various reasons like, child phase, student phase, unemployment problem, love and married life and then nurturing children, all this takes nearly 50 years of age and thus people participating in social movement on voluntary basis is not possible.

At present there are different movements which are fighting for Good governance, Environmental protection and Pollution control, Social justice, Basic needs, Consumer protection, Right to information, Social auditing, Women’s rights, Children rights, Organic and natural farming and formers protection, Gender rights,Human rights, Ethical and moral values protection, public interest litigation etc. the above movements are very useful to personal development, National development and global development ,but due to lack of coordination and unity, these movements were being melted down without getting the expected results. Under the Elders movement, all social movement groups will be brought under one umbrella, by bringing coordination between groups and achieve the goals.

The problems faced by the elders in some of the developed countries are different, and in most of the underdeveloped countries the problems of elders were different. They are financial freedom, housing needs, basic needs, abusing of elders, like physically, mentally and financially, health problems, physical movements, companion ship a major problem, legal problems etc.

Elders Clubs International Foundation, has been established for the purpose of addressing the above problems and to develop the Elderism at best possible.

Elders were the most neglected lot at the home, in the society and the government also not caring their aspirations. And thus there is a need to uplift their rights and aspirations and hence this Elderism is required.

And here comes the Elders Clubs International Foundation, which has initiated Elders Clubs across the country and global with main aim to strive for the Development, Empowerment, Welfare and Protection of the Elders Rights (50+ aged persons). To address Elders health, fitness, wealth, savings and investments,  legal, family, physical, mental, social, economical, tours and travel needs, Employment, Entertainment, Companionship, Marriages, Housekeeping and estate maintenance needs, recreation, cultural, education, encouragement, Discounts, loans, debts, addressing the Social and Emotional problems, Property Protection, Elders Hospitals, Elders Pathological labs, Research on Elders problems, Blood Banks, Dialysis Centers,  Sports, cremation services, skill development training, self employment, government support, Advocacy, counseling, Emergency arrangements in accidents, geriatric problems, awards and rewards, property protection, bills and taxes payment, rehabilitation, elders day care centers, elders hostels, elders clubs, elders homes, elders stay homes, savings and investments, insurance, indoor games and outdoor games, club house construction, in one word from aged 50+ to the end of their life. This organization will extend support/ assistance/guidance in every pain and pleasure.

Elders Clubs International foundation shall strive to develop the elders clubs at colonies, apartments, gated communities, towns and cities, and metros through INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS, NATIONAL/COUNTRY CHAPTERS, STATE/REGIONAL/PROVINCE/AREA/DOMINION CENTERS,