About Us

Who We Are

So here comes the Elders clubs International Foundation which is solely created for the welfare and safeguarding the basic interest of the elders in the society cutting across, caste , creed and religion. For any person to take care of himself during retirement age, a pre planning is must and that should be earnestly started by 50th year itself. And thus this club has been started to help them, suggest, solve their problems and live with dignity without expecting any help or favour from anyone and yet live with happiness and joy.

The Elders club would facilitate to open branches in your own colony with like minded elders with their availability of resources and sufficient members, one can start the branch on their own and benefits can be passed to the club members.

There are three types of Elders clubs.  Elders club (Basic),  Elders club (Day care) Elders club (Regular) and Elders clubs (prominent).