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Elders are the jewel of any family and they take pleasure to help the family in their own way. Children and grandchildren like the elders, however son, and daughter in law have their exception on this. So the life of the elders has become a question mark and many sulking in silence. It may be noted that there is around 50 percent of the total population in above 50 years bracket of elders across the world, by 2050 the number may increase manifold. In India, the population of elders may cross 37 percent which is alarming. So it becomes imperative for all us to reach out to elders, know their problems and help them in our own way.

 So here comes the Elders clubs International Foundation which is solely created for the welfare and safeguarding the basic interest of the elders in the society cutting across caste, creed, and religion. For any person to take care of himself during retirement age, a pre-planning is a must and that should be earnestly started by 50th year itself. And thus this club has been started to help them, suggest, solve their problems and live with dignity without expecting any help or favor from anyone and yet live with happiness and joy.

 The Elders club would facilitate to open branches in your own colony with like-minded elders with their availability of resources and sufficient members, one can start the branch on their own and benefits can be passed to the club members. 

 There are three types of elders clubs. Basic elders club, regular elders club, and prominent elders clubs.

Elders club Basic

 For those who want to have their membership in basic elders club, the fee is free for those who are poor and cannot afford, and for those who can afford the membership fee, they would be charged a meager 500 rupees per year which is very reasonable. And the privileges enjoyed by the members of regular and prominent elder club members would be applicable to this club members.

 A dedicated call center has been established to address the woes and needs of the elders 24/7 the whole year.

 All the elders would have the privilege of performing yoga, walking, jogging, exercises, Gym facilities, meditation and laughing therapy etc are widely available.

 For the veterans, a sports facility has been created to churn out their capability in indoor games, outdoor games, athletics.

 And those who are religiously conscious, there are arrangements to conduct regular Satsangs, Bhajans, discourses so that they may be part of all religion prayers.

 There is a special arrangement of reputed doctors who shall give free consultancy, prescribe generic medicines and also have 50 percent discount on medicines for those who can afford. The members can also avail hospital services, pathological tests, physiotherapy, and dietician advice, besides tips on Ayurveda and Indian medicine advise free of cost.

 And for those male widows, who want to have another life partner or a companionship in the old age, this club would extend all help to live their further life happily and peacefully.

 And those elders who were undergoing issues with the government on pension matters, gratuity, ESI, and other matters are given with free legal aid and seen that problems solved. The senior citizens who are in the distress of mental and physical harassment would be taken care off with free legal support.

And those Elders, who are fond of visiting places across the country, can have their best time with the club as there would be frequent tours and travels to the places of historic, religious and pilgrim places with up to 50 percent discount on travel charges. Apart from the government sops for the senior citizens, the club would facilitate extending further benefits to travel nationally and internationally.

 And those who have flair for writing, enacting drama, organizing Games, there are every chance to emote their caliber to help the club to organize these things in a better way.

 A large arrangement has been made to procure and supply any items desired by the elders and the club would ensure a better quality of the items. A member can avail anything like maidservant, cook, drivers, plumbers, carpenters, painters, nurses, physiotherapist etc will be arranged by the club with reasonable rates.

 Those who have the special talent, skill development program would initiate the best training and impart confidence in them to have a part-time and full-time job of their likes and thus a decent income could be assured. The club would also help in arranging loans from private and the government sources for the eligible elders. The club would also facilitate to have business relations with others and thus promote their products in a big way. And those elders who want to pursue higher education like Degree, PG, Ph.D. could be possible through the efforts of the club as Elders University is being established.

 The club would ensure that those who are having good talent and can shine as the part of elder club and thus would be suitably and ably rewarded from the organizations and government encouragement through rewards and awards and that would be recommended by the club. There is also a provision to record the success stories, great achievements of the seniors in the Elders book of records which would be updated from time to time.

 And for those elders, who have properties, but could not maintain them, the club extends its facility to look after the immovable assets and also help the elders to get their rent collected from their tenants, arranging insurance, looking after savings, and also updating their negotiable instruments and giving proper advise on investments.

 And those whose children are living abroad, the club would facilitate the elders in many ways like coordinating to eliminate any problems between the children and them.

 Every month the elders would choose the best elder men and best elder women in the district, state, and national level and they would be suitably rewarded for maintaining their status.

 The club would also ensure respective cremation arrangements for those elders who do not have their near and dears available at the time death. The club members would pay their homage in large numbers and then the body would be cremated with full honors. By doing so, all the club members would have a feeling that even their cremation would be befitting to the level of a VIP. There is an arrangement to perform free funeral services to those who are poor and cannot afford. And for those elders who are ailing with cancer, HIV, aids, geriatric patients, special arrangements were made to attend them.

 Those who were parted from the family either an elderly citizen or elder couples and who were not having children for them a special assistance is provided to enjoy the company of grandchildren of other members of the same club between 10 to 5 and thus they can recall their old memories and cherish the moments.

 There would be grand elder mela would be held at district, state and National level wherein the elders would be given the chance to escalate their knowledge, know-how and also share their great experience of their life and during this mela catwalk by elders, exhibition of all the products required for the elders would be displayed for the benefits of the elders.

 Advisory committees would be established so the elders would have the chance to have their participation in standing committees, intellectual committees, monitoring committees through which the elders can reach out to the government on seeking the benefits eligible to them and also reach out to those who want to avail various government schemes.

 Apart from this, the club has the facility to integrate with of old age homes, senior citizen groups, pensioner associations. Retired employees association, walker club, NGO club, Religious club, Lions clubs, Vasavi clubs. Dwarka women’s club, IMA, Rotary clubs, etc, so that any programs can be arranged with the participation of above-affiliated clubs.

 Elders club regular and Permanent

For those who become the member of regular and permanent clubs, the additional benefits would be, walking tracks, jogging tracks, swimming pool, food courts, bar and restaurants, permit rooms, table tennis, Billiards, Tennis, etc are made available. And besides blood banks , dialysis center, gym, physiotherapy centre , doctors consultancy, patho labs , geriatric treatments, ambulance service, medical facilities , elders day care centers, elders stay rooms , elders hostels , seminars , workshops , meetings , spiritual speeches , facility to treat disabled persons with  artificial limbs, open-air theatre , auditorium would facilitate to showcase all kinds of talent and abilities to  others.

 Those who are elected for the elders club working committee are eligible to make their way to district councils, state centers, national chapter, International directories and thus get the world fame recognition for themselves. Thus the elders have the inclusive feeling of serving others with their dedicated work and fulfilling the thought of helping others.

 This foundation is guided and served by retired judges, IAS, IPS, Doctors, Lawyers, scholars, educationists, social workers are providing their valuable services. Thus you can also be the part this great movement.

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