1. ACTIVE MEMBER (Paid Member): A member who completed 50 years of age is eligible to seek, if qualified, in this Club and the right to vote on all matters requiring a vote of the membership; and such obligation shall include prompt payment of dues. Every Active member shall pay his/her entry fee and first payment at the time admission only. The next payment shall be paid according to timely and participation in Club activities and conduct reflecting a favorable image of this Elders Club in the community. Active Member shall pay Fees to Elders Club (Basic), Elders Club (Regular), Elders Club (Prominent) prescribed by International Board of Trustees from time to time Half yearly membership fee on or before 30th September and 31st March of Every year and annually fee on or before every year before 31st March of every year in INR or its equivalent in the respective national currency. Active Members shall represent the Club as delegates at District or International Conventions. He/she shall be eligible to hold Club, District or International office, or District or International committee assignment. This membership category shall be included in the Club delegate formula calculation.